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Summary of clean synthetic fuels application market research super king

- Apr 13, 2017 -

According to the new "air pollutant emission standards" emissions requirements, this year, the government issued "on the strengthening of the implementation of the views of" air pollution control work in order to cooperate with the national atmospheric environmental pollution remediation, open up new ways of using coal to clean energy, we develop the clean energy environmental protection synthetic fuel application Wang super market research.

A brief introduction of the super king Jieneng environmental protection synthetic fuel:

Greenergy King super environment-friendly fuel is to add the appropriate chemical wastes as the main corrosion inhibitor and stabilizer configuration of fuel. It exists in liquid form. Compared with the liquefied gas, diesel, kerosene, efficient and clean it is the best features, from the beginning of the 12 year electirical Wang Chaoneng environmental synthetic fuel advantage has aroused the attention.

The prospects for the development of clean energy, two super king environmental fuel

Greenergy King super environment-friendly fuel range of raw materials, low cost, clean fuel, such as combustion exhaust emission index of CO clean synthetic fuels Wang super environmental protection is less than 0.003%, far lower than the 0.1% stipulated in the national standard, to achieve emission reduction of more than 90%. Super clean environmental protection Wang synthetic fuel safety and reliability, wide application range, usually under normal temperature and pressure storage, transportation and use, with ordinary steel drum or plastic barrel can be convenient to use sealed storage.

Four, the new king can clean oil advantage

The coal in the combustion process produces a large amount of CO, NOx, SO2 and particulate pollutants, these substances not only pollute the environment, but also is harmful to the human body. The king of super synthetic fuel in clean energy environmental protection products after combustion of CO2 and water, no corrosive substances and other particulate emissions, this is not only to make a contribution to environmental protection; it is environmental pollution, reduce haze good helper.

Comprehensive factors:

We visited the investigation, use of clean energy and environmental protection synthetic fuel Wang super strong stability, low cost and high efficiency, has been the use of units of praise and recognition of safety and environmental emissions standards, operation is simple and convenient in operation, reduce the labor intensity of operators, clean, no smell, but also through emissions testing fully meet the national standards, the use of good response unit.

Research conclusion:

Over the years, due to the low price of coal, the use of factory boiler enterprises to reduce costs, the promotion of the boiler is very slow. In the process of banning coal-fired boilers, some enterprises do not have the conditions to change gas and electricity, and there are many concerns in the use of enterprises, which restricts the implementation of coal-fired boiler renovation project. The use of clean energy and environmental protection super king synthetic fuel is just the best solution.

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