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Super synthetic fuel formulations to lead the new energy development space is enormous

- Apr 13, 2017 -

As a new type of energy saving and environmental protection, environmental protection fuel is mainly made up of new green environmental protection and so on. It exists in liquid or solid form.

Shanghai formula analysis center analysis pointed out that because a lot of ICAS, greenergy Wang super fuel varieties on the market formulation, composition, synthesis method, production method, synthetic fuel is coal type, oil type new fuels, biomass fuels and chemical synthesis of synthetic fuels and other products, as we resolve environmental protection clean fuel super king.

New car oil:

As an alternative new energy, the new fuel oil has many advantages.

1 more capacity

The utility model has the advantages of stronger economy, new energy sources of fuel oil, and the raw materials can be coal, biomass, Jiao Luqi, natural gas, etc. the production technology is mature and reliable, and the production cost is relatively low

2 cleaner environment

Super clean Wang environment-friendly fuel burning time itself does not generate harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions are lower than that of natural gas, which belongs to the new environmentally friendly fuel non-toxic, no smell, clean.

3 easy storage

Greenergy Wang super fuel belongs to liquid fuel, storage and transportation can continue to use the traditional liquid such as gasoline and diesel fuel storage and transportation, so as to realize the large-scale application of large area.

Clean fuel is a kind of environmental protection super king as biomass, solar energy, water energy, wind energy, clean energy future king super green fuel market has great potential, the development space of clean energy environmental protection fuel industry giant super king.

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