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Talk about the advantages of alcohol-based liquid fuels

- May 03, 2018 -

Alcohol-based liquid fuels have many advantages and have been widely used for these advantages. As a whole, alcohol-based liquid fuels are economically priced. They are based on a wide range of biomass feedstock methanol as the main raw material, and are processed by chemical processes to produce a highly-cleaned biomass fuel. This new type of fuel can replace liquefied gas for millions of households.


At the same time, fuel diesel is also used as a boiler fuel for hotels, guesthouses, and unit canteens with good combustion performance. Alcohol-based liquid fuels can also be used as other industrial fuels. Next, we will elaborate on the advantages of this fuel in several aspects.


1. The environmental protection of alcohol-based liquid fuels:


First of all, during the combustion of this new type of alcohol-based liquid fuel, the main products are water and carbon dioxide. It has the characteristics of no smoke, no smell, no pressure, no pollution, no use of flue, no residue and so on. And this kind of fuel can also be used together with the developed special cooker, which makes it more safe and convenient to use.


2, the thermal efficiency of alcohol-based liquid fuels:


In comparison, the alcohol-based liquid fuel has a high combustion heat value, and its full latent heat of vaporization is about three times that of gasoline in the case of full combustion. The evaporative vaporization of the mixed fuel can further reduce the intake air temperature, increase the aeration rate, increase the aeration efficiency, and the combustion speed, and improve the thermal cycling conditions of the burner stove after combustion, which can significantly improve the combustion efficiency.


3, the economics of alcohol-based liquid fuels:


With the improvement of synthesis technology, the production process of alcohol-based liquid fuels will be further simplified, that is, the production costs and use costs of such fuels will be gradually reduced in the future.


4, the practicality of alcohol-based liquid fuels:


From practical application effects, the utility of alcohol-based liquid fuels is outstanding as a fuel. Its price advantage is obvious, can significantly reduce environmental pollution, and convenient storage and transportation, can ensure the safe and stable combustion of fuel. Therefore, alcohol-based liquid fuels can be widely used as civilian fuels in large, medium and small restaurants, restaurants and other places.

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