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The advantages of gel fuel

- Aug 14, 2017 -

Alcohol gel fuel is a fuel used in catering heating, fireplace, outdoor BBQ, or as a fire lighter in outdoor picnic. As a new type of fuel, alcohol gel fuel can be said to have shown a great advantage.


· Safe - when used according to directions - it is important to follow the directions on the can, especially removing the label and not getting other flammable things near the can when it is lit.

· Clean - no smoke, soot, or ashes - because these are an alcohol based gel they don't put out the by-products that wood, paper, and other materials do when they burn.

· Environmentally Friendly - no nasty emissions - you don't even need a vent or chimney.  The alcohol burns clean, leaving  minimal by-products after burning.

· Easy to use - you can put them out and re-light them whenever you want - They don't flare up when lit, they start slow so there is no danger of getting hurt, and you can drop the lid back on, effectively smothering the flame and saving whatever fuel gel is left to light again for later use.

· Realistic - they burn with a wood-like glow and have the snap and pop of a real wood fire - These have organic additives that will enhance the sound and appearance of the flames, so they get the snap and pop and orange glow of real wood without the hassles.

· Great emergency backups - they don't need electricity and can provide emergency or additional heat and light when needed - Since you only need a match or lighter (we use a long nosed grill lighter) to light these, they can be used in a safe burning container (fireplace, firepit, etc.) even when there is no power.  And since they don't need to be vented you don't have to worry about a fan or blower to clear the room - you even get to keep all the heat inside!

· Used indoors or outdoors - no flying embers or fumes to worry about - Again, because they burn clean and don't produce ashes, embers, or sparks to fly around, they can be safe to burn anywhere in the right type of container.

· Heat producers - about 1700 to 2500+ BTU's per hour over 2 to 3 hour burn time –You probably don't want to depend on these to heat a room, but we often use our ventless fireplace to get the room warmed up quicker on chilly winter days. And also, It is widely used for heating food in catering area..

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