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Canahot adjustable wick chafing fuel- The perfect solution from Simmer to sizzle

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Canahot wick chafing fuel is a heating product wildly used in catering service. It contains a high quality Di Ethylene Glycol fluid with a long burning capacity. This secures your buffet of a continuous, uniform heat without the risk of running out in the mid service.

Canahot delivers three heat settings for different request, Standard heat, low heat, and high heat, allowing ones to choose heat output to suit different needs


To extinguish, you just blow out the flame or use a metal snuffing device.

Canahot wick fuel is common goods and it is very convenient no matter by express or by sea. DEG fuel, with a flash point of 154℃,is considered safer because spilled DEG fuel will not needs a wick to burn.

Canahot wick fuel, which have been confirmed by the United States Transportation Standards and Shanghai Chemical Research Institute, are non-toxic, harmless and suitable for different types of transportation. 

With Canahot wick fuels under your chafer, the food is always as hot as your service.

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