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The experience sharing of the small-sized flame fuel can

- Oct 25, 2017 -

As we all know, there are some small-sized flame fuel cans which are popular in the market. So do you know the specific use method? In the use process, we mainly pay attention to the security. Now let's introduce the problem and hope to help you.

In fact, in comparison, this type product is very convenient and safe in use. First, we need to insert the burning core into the matching metal sheet. After that, you can unscrew the fuel cap in the bottle and add the fuel to the flame fuel can. Typically, it is best to control the addition of fuel to four fifths of the tank capacity.


When the use is complete, the length of the burning core should be adjusted. Then put the small-sized flame fuel can in the equipment which needs to heat and heat it. It should be noted that if the burning core is newly made, it should be soak in the fuel oil twenty minutes early. This will help the burning core absorb fuel oil completely and it will be easy to ignite.

When the use is complete, the burning core should be extinguished with the fire cover of the small-sized flame fuel can.It should be noted that when the burning core goes out, do not immediately remove the fire cover, or the newly - quenched burning core may produce some smoke. If there is some unused fuel, it can be stayed for for the next time. Note that the safety cover should be covered and placed in the backlight.

The above simply introduces the use method and matters needing attention of the small-sized flame fuel can for everyone, hoping  to provide some reference. And I also hope that in the actual use, we can pay attention to safety and reasonable use.


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