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What are the advantages of using canned heat sources compared to conventional fuels

- Jan 18, 2019 -

The canned heat source contains environmentally friendly fuel, which is clean and safe, convenient to use and long burning time. In particular, the fuel liquid itself is not easy to ignite when exposed to an open flame, so it is very safe to carry, store and use. Long-lasting burning, colorless, odorless, non-volatile, safe, non-flammable, new safe and green fuel, completely eliminate safety hazards.


The reason why it can quickly replace the traditional heating fuel is mainly because this environmentally friendly filling heat source has three advantages in use. The first is environmental protection. After the fuel is ignited, there is no odor, no black smoke, and the tableware will not be blackened. There is no residue after burning, no surplus.


The second advantage is that it is easy to use. The canned heat source can be used when the lid is turned on. It is very convenient. When the lamp is closed, the lid can be closed. After the fuel is ignited, it gradually begins to burn, and it will not suddenly burn all of it. The third major advantage is that the burning time is guaranteed and there is no need to worry about it during use. The firepower is strong and the flame is

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