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What kind of fuel is a ethanol gel fuel?

- May 14, 2018 -

Ethanol gel  fuel is a new kind of high performance fuel, and it is found that the ethanol gel  fuel droplet is different from the combustion process of liquid droplet during combustion. In the process of combustion, as the internal temperature of the droplet increases gradually, the boiling point of the external low boiling point of the droplet evaporates first and gradually forms a gel film.


As a fuel medium, ethanol gel fuel is actually in a gel state. In terms of production, it is completely composed of the substances and alcohols obtained from the plant, and the alcohol mainly refers to ethanol. The mixture is made by adding an appropriate amount of methyl hydroxy propyl cellulose to the gel. When abandoned, the gel fuel is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


So we lit in the ethanol gel  fuel in the combustion process, won't produce any soot, and will not release any gas, etc., and not corrosive, belong to a more environmentally friendly fuel. Plus its own gel form, so it's easy to pack.


As a fuel, ethanol gel fuel is used for self-service hot pot heating, or is suitable for cooking and barbeque ignition devices, which are easier to maintain because they do not contain soot. Such as we are familiar with alcohol gel is usually is made of methanol after curing, and from the outside, its colour and lustre is transparent, and in the process of combustion flame is blue, smokeless tasteless, burning high calorific value.


In conclusion, ethanol gel fuel itself has a high use value, which can be used as fuel to meet the requirements of different occasions. For example, self-help gel fuel can be used in various hotels, hotpot town, buffet, coffee shop, tea house, restaurant cooking and tourism.

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