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What are the benefits of the fireplace alcohol fuel?

- May 12, 2018 -

With the development of technology, the fuel of the fireplace is becoming more and more diversified, especially with the alcohol fireplace. In this kind of alcohol fireplace, there is a special combustion chamber completely isolated from the fireplace alcohol fuel storage room. That is to say, this unique structural design can make the fireplace alcohol burn more fully, producing less carbon monoxide and is very safe.

In this way, users can enjoy the warm enjoyment of the alcohol fireplace more easily. In comparison, the use cost of the fireplace alcohol fuel is lower, the calorific value is high, the combustion is full, the discharge is clean and so on the advantage, obviously makes it to be the most natural, romantic heating way.

Not only that, but it's easier to light up this kind of fireplace, and it doesn't need to use a chimney, which makes the cost of using it significantly lower. It also retains other advantages of traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

And, more importantly, the fireplace alcohol fuel in the combustion process is not only not only produce polluting substances, and will not appear after the burning furnace cried, yellowish or cause serious problem, simple cleaning can be restored as new.

As the design is being designed, the structure is optimized, so that the combustion chamber of the fireplace is separated from the storage tank of the fireplace alcohol fuel, which greatly improves the security. When the fuel is not enough, the buzzer will be sounded in advance, and some of the fireplace designs have the ability to automatically shut down the stove.

In short, the fireplace makes the use of the fireplace more convenient and safe, and provides users with a natural and romantic way of heating.

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