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Wick chafing fuel is easy to use and unlimited

- Jan 06, 2019 -

The wick chafing fuel we provide is a low-energy, environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and convenient insulation fuel. It can be used freely during use and carrying. It is not subject to any conditions. It is smokeless, non-toxic, ash-free and residue-free. Non-spicy eyes are not pungent, not black bottom, both hygienic and safe, easy to use, is a must-have for indoor and outdoor and tourism and wild picnic insulation fuel.


The wick chafing fuel  is also the fuel type commonly used in the current buffet. During the burning process, the flames are blue flames, the firepower is stable, no dust impurities fly out of the container, and 100% of the burning, the efficiency is higher, and the burning time is long. It is not restricted by any conditions. It is not affected by any burning utensils and environment.


At the same time, the safety factor is high during transportationstorage and use. Moreover, wick chafing fuel is a non-flammable product, and the fire can not be burned when it is sprinkled and leaked, which may function as a fire extinguishing; the non-volatile combustion is sufficient, the burning time is long, the work efficiency is improved, and the manpower is saved, that is, economical and affordable.

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