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Using characteristics description of the wick fuel product

- Jan 05, 2019 -

The wick fuel can be packaged in different specifications, which is both aesthetically pleasing and economical. It has been favored and praised by consumers for many years.


Wick fuel product application features:

1. It is colorless and odorless, stable in flame, high in calorific value, and the tank is not hot when burning. It is an ideal fuel for heating and insulation of high-end buffet places;

2.high safety, non-dangerous goods, this product uses imported mineral oil as raw material fuel oil;

3. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, green fuel;

4.Easy to carry;

5. High calorific value, long fuel burning time, no pollution (combustion residue is only water and carbon dioxide);

6.A variety of specifications, can be customized according to needs. Adopting spiral port design, it has high sealing performance and is not easy to leak. It is not only beautiful in appearance, convenient in transportation, but also non-dangerous in transportation and storage process (no special warehouse for dangerous goods);

7.Can be used in high-end hotels, restaurants, hot pot city, Chinese and Western restaurants, buffets, cafes, tea houses, picnics, tourism and so

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