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Burning characteristics of real fire fireplace fuel

- Jan 31, 2019 -

Nowadays, the real fire fireplace is very popular with consumers. This kind of fireplace can not only be used for heating, but also has a good viewing effect. When the real fire fireplace is turned on, the ignition operation of the fireplace fuel can be completed by means of the automatic ignition device, which is clean, fast and pollution-free. Moreover, the automatic feeding and air distribution system can be used to achieve the best combustion effect without manual control.


In the combustion process of the fireplace fuel, since the real fire fireplace adopts a fully enclosed structure design, the viewing effect is good, and the combustion uses all the outdoor air and the special flue gas discharge pipe to prevent the exhaust gas from entering the room. The fuel used has a large calorific value, a rapid temperature rise, and no pollution.


More importantly, in the use of such a real fire fireplace, the use of this kind of fireplace fuel can more rationally organize the furnace process to ensure that the combustion gas can carry out effective convective heat transfer. Moreover, the air can enter the furnace uniformly and smoothly, and is continuously stable. The firepower is full, the fire is even, the combustion is complete, no black smoke is taken, and the energy utilization efficiency is high.


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