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How many types of hot pot fuels ?

- Jun 27, 2017 -

Now many people like to enjoy a delicious feast at a hotpot restaurant with their friends. When they glut themselves with delicacies, do they think of the use of Hot pot fuel?, At the moment, we can choose different types of chafing dish fuel.          

Of course, different fuels have different characteristics, and they will exert different effects when they are used. For example, the oldest kind chafing dish fuel should be charcoal, which has many advantages, such as high firepower, fast heating and long holding time. However, there are many disadvantages, for example, soot formed in a burning flame tends to pollute the air and, if not fully burned, also produces more carbon monoxide.  


With the development of the times, the more advanced gas fuel replace of the charcoal. The temperature is easy to master. However, the gas is not easy to keep, it’s belongs to toxic gases, and also prone to explosion, so it is very dangerous. It has been disabled now.           

The third hot pot fuels are solid fuels. This kind of material has many advantages. It’s convenience, It has a gel form so that easy to preserve. But it has low flash point, making them highly flammable.

The last fuels used in hotpot and buffet is wick chafing fuel, and also called DEG fuel. with a flash point of 154, it is considered safer because spill DEG fuel will not combust, it need a wick to burn. It has many items, such as 6hrs,4hrs,2hrs or more, to meet different kinds of needs.

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