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Definition of biofuels

- Apr 13, 2017 -

1, bio diesel supply is not controlled by the organization of petroleum exporting countries, free from mineral storage constraints, cheap and stable performance.

2, sulfur, benzene and other harmful elements are low, harmful substances emissions can be reduced by 30%, when the catalyst can reduce emissions by more than 60%, is conducive to environmental protection.

3, with good lubrication performance, so that fuel injection pump, engine cylinder and connecting rod wear rate is low.

4, with good low temperature engine start performance.

5, combustion of carbon residue low (0.02%), that is, the small amount of particulate matter in the exhaust gas.

6, does not include the environment caused by the aromatic hydrocarbon pollution, waste gas on the human body damage is lower than the mineral diesel. The results show that compared with fossil diesel, biodiesel can reduce the air toxicity by 90% and reduce the carcinogen emissions by as much as 94%.

7, bio diesel decomposition rate is high (three weeks after the decomposition rate: bio diesel, diesel oil 70%, 98%), is conducive to environmental protection.

8, due to the bio diesel molecules contain oxygen atoms, combustion is more complete, no CO, NOX, is an effective green fuel.

9, as renewable energy, and oil reserves are different, its efforts by agriculture and biological scientists, the supply will not dry up. Raw material supply is guaranteed, the price is stable.

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