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New energy and environmental protection new energy saving market beachhead

- Apr 13, 2017 -

Beijing XX company held a press conference, officially announced the new 5 products in energy saving and emission reduction, including three special oil products: energy saving technology - Super plugging device, the vibration of underground oil pumping machine intelligent air pumping controller, pumping super wear-resistant packing device; there are two of the most attractive products are: a full set of imported American core technology of "ship fuel oil turbulence + ultrasonic emulsification device and the original introduction of German production, the world's most advanced" Saifulong brand engine available repair agent". The introduction of these two products, indicates that the company will take full advantage of the Beijing XX huge domestic automotive, marine energy saving, emission reduction market.

Perhaps, for many people, XX is a relatively strange business, but in the industry, XX is well-known. As early as 1998 at the beginning of the establishment of high-end products XX company specializing in the field of petroleum exploration and development, and occupies central position in the industry. In 2002, the company began to focus on energy conservation, emission reduction technology research and development. But let insiders doubt that in recent years, XX has not launched a new, world-class products, but painstaking research, so many insiders have that XX company has become a scientific research institution.

Today, with the advent of 5 new products, Beijing XX company once again appeared in the field of vision. Is the so-called ten years grinding sword, the XX launch of the ship fuel oil turbulence + ultrasonic emulsification device "and" engine available repair agent ", can be said to represent the highest level in the world of similar products, whether technology or application are at the leading level in the world. Some experts believe that the introduction of these two products, will become a watershed in the development trend of domestic industry products, and even can be called a benchmark for the development of the industry.

According to the person in charge of Beijing XX company, after repeated research and analysis of the market believes that the future of energy saving and emission reduction work will be focused on the development of China, including energy saving and emission reduction in the field of energy products will become an important field of the market. Over the years in the field of oil research and development has also accumulated a wealth of experience for XX, especially for the unique vision of energy products. In the next few years, XX will vigorously promote the use of these technologies for China's energy conservation, emission reduction efforts to do their part.

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