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Fireplace fuel gel burns artistic flame

- Jun 19, 2018 -

Fireplace products are becoming more and more popular with modern people. At the same time, fireplace fuels used today are becoming increasingly diverse. At present, fireplaces can be mainly divided into real fire fireplaces and electric fireplaces. In the real fire fireplaces, fireplace fuel glue is often used as a fuel. So, what kind of characteristics does this kind of fireplace fuel glue have in the burning process?


In fact, from the burning of the fireplace fuel gel, this real-fire burning experience is loved by many users. We know that the flame itself has unique natural characteristics and that different jumps will occur during the burning process. In this way, while enjoying the warmth, it also makes the fireplace a visually creative work of art, giving people a comfortable and cozy feeling of relaxation.


The application effect of fireplace fuel glue is very ideal, which can be mainly analyzed from the following aspects:


1, the viewing effect is very prominent. In the process of full combustion of the fuel gel in the fireplace, we can see the very active true flames. The flames are full of change, dynamic and natural. This is unmatched by any other heating methods, including air conditioning, and is truly romantic. Warmth

2, nature, balance, health. Using fireplace fuel gel as fuel, this is a very natural way of heating. No electromagnetic, radiation and other pollution. Do not dry, very comfortable and healthy.

3, economic, high cost performance. The fireplace has a high fuel-heat value and can be fully burned. The use cost is lower.

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