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Magical flame effect of wick fuel

- Feb 01, 2019 -

As a lighting tool, lights are indispensable in our lives. In the early days, the oil lamps of various shapes were not only practical, but also played a certain decorative role. In modern society, oil lamps can also be used in heating and installation environments. The wick fuels selected today are also cleaner, safer, and easier to handle.


In comparison, the new wick fuel does not emit difficult ash in use, and does not produce strange odors, not to worry about noise when the flame burns. In an elegant restaurant, the oil lamp using this fuel can bring an elegant viewing effect, and enjoy the warmth and comfort brought by the oil lamp safely and conveniently.


After the fuel is ignited, the magical flame effect brought by this wick fuel will appear in an instant, and the gorgeous flame will bring you a beautiful mood. In today's fast-paced work and life, people are more eager to enjoy the natural, warm, romantic feeling of leisure brought by this wick fuel.



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