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Sustainable utilization of methanol fuel

- Apr 13, 2017 -

Methanol fuel is the use of industrial methanol or methanol fuel, and modified alcohol additive, and the existing national standard gasoline and diesel oil (or oil group), according to a certain volume (or weight) of a new type of clean fuel by strict scientific technology prepared. Alternative to gasoline and diesel, for various types of motor vehicles, the use of methanol production stove furnace. Is the main raw material of coal,

Methanol fuel

Methanol fuel Atlas

Natural gas, coal gas, coke oven gas, especially the use of methanol production in high sulfur coal and coke oven gas, which can improve resource utilization and reduce environmental pollution. The development of coal methanol fuel, supplement and substitute for petroleum fuel, to ease tensions in our country's energy, provided a high comprehensive utilization of resources. To effectively protect the ecological environment.

Methanol fuel (Germany)

Methanol fuel is generally divided into methanol gasoline and methanol diesel oil.

Methanol gasoline is an important part of new energy. Crude oil is the world's most important primary energy, the current energy shortage is the essence of crude oil shortage. Vehicle fuel is the most important application field of crude oil, accounting for more than 70% of the total oil consumption in the world. Methanol gasoline is a kind of "coal oil" path, gasoline, methanol and methanol gasoline by Tiande methanol gasoline additive and configuration of new energy fuel, can be used as a substitute for gasoline in order to achieve partial replacement of crude oil.

Methanol diesel oil: diesel, methanol, additives in accordance with a certain volume or mass ratio through a rigorous process of the deployment of a new environmentally friendly clean fuel. Clean methanol diesel oil is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving fuel, which is prepared by adding a certain proportion (15%, 50%, 90%) to the national standard light diesel oil. The appearance of methanol diesel oil is similar to that of diesel oil, and the viscosity, calorific value and other indicators are close to diesel oil, which can be used in diesel engines, industrial boilers and stoves.

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