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The main features of wick fuel

- Dec 12, 2018 -

The wick fuel is not volatile and can be stored for later use. The wick fuel produced by our company is not only safe and convenient for storage and transportation, but also has high calorific value, long burning time and free adjustment of firepower. The wick head is safer and more environmentally friendly than similar products. It is especially suitable for long-term heating and insulation of hotel buffets, hot pots, etc.


The main features of wick fuel are as follows:


1. The fuel is an environmentally friendly product, colorless and odorless, fully combustible, and the combustion products are water and dioxide, and do not pollute the environment;

2, non-dangerous goods;

3. Safe and non-toxic;

4, easy to carry, environmentally friendly fuel can be added;

5, burning time is longer;

6, various specifications, can be customized according to needs;

7, packaging: standard packaging (iron box, carton) or according to customer needs;

8, use: can be used in restaurants, hotels, home hot pot, camping, etc.;

9, use: directly open the screw cap, use a lighter or fire material to

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