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What are the advantages of gel fuel for chafing dish?

- Dec 30, 2017 -

Gel fuel for chafing dish has obvious advantages, during combustion, the gel fuel can maintain a more stable firepower, and the entire combustion process is very safe and environmental protection, can guarantee the dining environment. However, when used, when we open the fuel lid, it should be lit as soon as possible, so that we can fully exploit the advantages of gel fuel for chafing dish.


Under normal circumstances, when the gel fuel is used in a hot pot, it does not generate any dust during combustion and does not give off an irritating taste. After ignition, the fuel will gradually enter the normal combustion state, due to the safety design, so its flame will slowly burn until the required firepower.


In fact, this gel fuel belongs to a new type of safety heat source. When using gel fuel in a hot pot, the user can conveniently adjust the furnace core by using a fire extinguishing lid to adjust the required firepower arbitrarily. After the fuel is ignited, there is no need to send special caretakers, just check the flow. Under normal circumstances, the original set standard furnace core fire will be able to meet the buffet and most of the food required for heating and heat insulation.


In addition, gel fuel used in hot pot process, if only need for insulation, then it can be more economical in accordance with the required heat to adjust. In addition, the pull-up and separate core combustion heat larger to meet the cooking needs of small pots and other high-temperature heating needs, but this time its burning time will be reduced accordingly.


When stored, it is best to store the fuel properly. Keep in mind that when using gel fuel for a hot pot, it must be ensured that it is used in a spacious, ventilated, stable, stationary, horizontal position.

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