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What Kind Of Vegetable Oil Can Be Used As Fuel

- Apr 13, 2017 -

Malaysia Putra University scientists announced on 23, they found a similar watermelon plant seed oil can be used as a new bio fuel.

According to local media reports, Maria Adam is responsible for the study said that the egusi plant seed oil is light, so it can be added to gasoline or diesel oil as biofuel. The study shows that the oil has the advantages of low fatty acid, high solubility and high combustion rate. It can save 20% of the cost of gasoline or about 10% of the cost of diesel oil. If international oil prices continue to rise, the cost savings can be higher.

In addition, the plant is easy to grow, and only 3 months to mature, so this oil and Malaysia is now large-scale production of palm oil is a more economical bio fuels.

Maria also pointed out that the seed oil processed into bio fuels, also need to add the appropriate catalyst to make it become stable, and the use of motor vehicles carburetor biofuels also need to adjust. Adam said that the study is still in its infancy, the need for more scientific trials before large-scale application.

Egusi is a plant derived from tropical Africa, its fruit is like a small round watermelon, but the meat is too dry and bitter, it is difficult to eat. It is more common than ordinary watermelon seeds, Africans like to extract oil for cooking.

2 biodiesel is a clean renewable energy, liquid fuel it with soybean and rapeseed oil, palm oil and other oil crops, fruit trees of Pistacia chinensis oil engineering microalgae of aquatic plants and animal fats, waste food oil as raw materials, is an excellent substitute for petroleum diesel fuel. Biodiesel is a typical "green energy". It is of great strategic significance to develop bio diesel for sustainable economic development, promoting energy substitution, reducing environmental pressure and controlling urban air pollution.

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